Handmade fram
Here in an extraordinary workshop, lies a peaceful (if diminutive) gallery, and on the mezzanine a wildly untidy studio.
The current home of "Picturesque", the well established gallery & framers originally located in Haywards Heath, The Chapel
Gallery is now run by Tessa Land-Smith, an artist, illustrator, writer and sculptor, or as she calls herself ,"Artificer."
The gallery dedicates itself to one exhibition each year, with a particular artist or theme. When there is no resident exhibition, there is a
varied selection of prints, originals, and "unusual" framing. These are the speciality of Picturesque. it is essentially a method of framing
treasures and memorabilia, items that should be displayed rather than be tucked away in a drawer. Baby clothes, ballet shoes, perfume
bottles, embroidery, exotic underwear (yes, really!) cricket bats, ties, medals… and once, an axe from the "Braveheart" film.
With hundreds of mouldings, the choice can be daunting - but with Tessa's enthusiasm (and Malk's, expertise,
if he can be lured from his workshop) it's infectious, the process is fun, so don't be worried if it takes a while to
choose. Apparently the record for someone in the gallery is six and a half hours!
Chapel Gallery, Brook Street, Cuckfield, W. Sussex